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How much do you know about Jagger Eaton, the skateboarding superstar making his way to the Tokyo Olympics? We've come up with the coolest Jagger quiz around! And if you liked that, why not check out our ultimate BMX quiz, our skateboarding quiz and our ultimate sports quiz for more awesome adrenaline hits!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 23rd 2021

The Coolest Jagger Eaton Quiz

How much do you know about this amazing pro skateboarder? Test your trivia with the coolest Jagger Eaton quiz around, all about Jagger and his Olympic journey!

1/20 Angry chef on blue background with question mark

Who is Jagger Eaton?

2/20 Tortoise on skateboard with yellow splat and white background

Which country is Jagger representing?

3/20 Goofy looking ostriches

What does Jagger's dad do?

4/20 Screaming pineapple next to skateboarder's feet

What's the X Games?

5/20 Two cool kids and a skateboard with a face

True or false: Jagger has a brother?


6/20 How many Olympic games has Jagger previously competed in?

7/20 Baby with a skateboard and yellow splat

How old was Jagger when he first started skateboarding?

8/20 Judges holding up tens with yellow splat

What X games record did Jagger break?

9/20 Arizona desert with rubber chicken

Where did Jagger grow up?

10/20 Bulldog on skateboard with cool crab

What age will Jagger be at the 2021 Tokyo games?

11/20 Girl upsidedown on skateboard with present and cool fairy cake

When is Jagger's birthday?

12/20 Hip dog on skateboard with grinning burger

What year did Jagger Easton begin competing professionally?

13/20 Smiling emoji with gold medal on wooden background

True or false: He has won an X Games gold medal?

14/20 Girl with skateboard on blue background with question marks

How many times has skateboarding been included in the Olympics so far?

15/20 Boy against height chart with arrow

How tall is Jagger Eaton?

16/20 Shoe with goofy face and yellow splat on white background

What kind of shoes does Jagger wear?

17/20 Skateboarder on ramp with derpy llama

What is Jagger's starsign?

18/20 Two cool guys hanging out with goofy sloth

What is Jagger's brother called?

19/20 Bacon dad on skateboard with yellow splat on white background

What kind of boards does Jagger use?

20/20 Pinapple screams as skateboarder jumps over it on blue ramp

What makes Jagger so special?

Awesome result

Incredible! You're as good at skateboarding quizzes as Jagger is at skateboarding! Well done!

Nice Job result

Nice one! You must be a big Jagger fan!

Try again result

Not bad, but we think you can do better! Have another go and see if you know anything else about Jagger!

Uh oh result

Uh oh, looks like it's back to the drawing (skate)board for you! Have another shot and see if you do any better!