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Man Utd Trivia!

If you're a Red Devils fan, you need to take this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 29th 2024

Can you hear the Old Trafford crowd roar? Pull up your socks, tuck in your shin-pads, pull on the legendary red shirt and get ready to play the Epic Manchester Utd Quiz of the year! And if you love footie, we've got a whole squad of awesome quizzes for you to take! You can test your knowledge on team strips with our Football Kit Quiz or you could really give your brain a workout with our How Well Do You Know Obscure Trivia Quiz! And if you can't stand football, we've even got a quiz for that - take our Anti-Football Quiz here!

1/20 A footballer kicking a ball

Where do Manchester Utd play football?


Which Manchester Utd Legend returned via Juventus to play for them once more?


3/20 Which country does Manchester Utd skill monster, Paul Pogba play for?

4/20 A smiling football before a penalty kick

What country does Manchester Utd penalty kick king, Bruno Fernandez play for?

5/20 A football fan pointing upwards, suggesting his team are number 1

What country does Manchester Utd legend, Ronaldo play for?

6/20 A football in the back of a goal net

Which Manchester Utd defender scored a goal for England in the 2021 Euro Finals


What is Cavani’s first name?


8/20 England international, Jadon Sancho played football in which country before signing for Manchester Utd?

9/20 A man with a silly amount of cash

Manchester Utd sold Ronaldo to which club?

10/20 A person clearly keen on doing homework

Manchester United Manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, used to play for Manchester Utd. True or False

11/20 Football WYR quiz

Which position did Ole Gunnar Solskjær play before he became a manager?


Which one of these is a former Manchester Utd legend?


13/20 Which country does Manchester Utd woman’s player Bøe Risa play for?


14/20 What is Manchester Utd’s 2021 away kit colour?

15/20 Two children grabbing a football in a park

Who are Manchester Utd’s biggest rivals?


Manchester Utd’s nickname is what?


17/20 Which country does mazy dribbler, Anthony Martial play for?

18/20 Football WYR quiz

What country does Manchester Utd’s tough tackling Scott McTominay play for?

19/20 A woman shrugging

What is Manchester Utd star Fred’s full name?


20/20 And for what country does Fred play international football?

Oh dear. You’ve been relegated!

Oh no! What an average performance. It’s just not good enough for Manchester Utd!

Not bad at all. You’ve qualified for Europe but have another go to see if you can win the league. It’s what every Man Utd fan expects, after all.

You’ve won the league! Get ready for your own statue to be built outside the ground. You are a Man Utd legend!