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Christmas Quiz: The Ultimate Christmas Trivia Quiz

Are you a Christmas trivia know-all? Find out by taking the ultimate Christmas quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 15th 2021

How well do you know your Christmas trivia? This Christmas quiz is cranberry-jam packed with Christmas quiz questions that will help you find out, and maybe you'll learn a few Christmas facts to impress your friends with along the way.

We've got tons of other Christmas quizzes for you when you're done here, plus the unofficial home of Christmas on the web.

It's time to Christmas quiz... let's do this!

1/30 Mince pie with googly eyes

True or false: Mince pies once contained actual mince?

2/30 Log background with snow overlay and smiling poop emoji

In which country does a log poop out presents for children?

3/30 Candy cane background with derpy reindeer face

Marchpane is the old word for what Christmas treat?

4/30 Snowy town scene with goofy snowman

How many white Christmases has the UK had in the last 100 years?

5/30 Christmas food and Beano elf

What's the word for the pagan celebration that become Christmas?

6/30 Scene from the nutcracker ballet with arrow

Where is The Nutcracker set?


Who last looked out on Boxing Day AKA The feast of St Stephen?

8/30 Santa rocking out

What does Santa traditionally put in your stocking if you've been bad?

9/30 An advent calendar

How many days does advent last?

10/30 A christmas pudding

What do the singers demand in 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'?

11/30 Christmas Quiz: camel shadows on green sky

What gifts did the 3 wise men give to Jesus?

12/30 The Ultimate Christmas Trivia Quiz: A dog holding Christmas cracker in his mouth.

Which of the following might you find in a Christmas cracker?

13/30 Christmas Quiz: Hands holding a blank card and a red envelope

Who designed the first Christmas card?

14/30 A Christmas tree on a beach

True or False: the first Christmas tree appeared in Australia

15/30 A reindeer behind bars

Which Dr. Seuss character stole Christmas?

16/30 A woman in a Santa hat, holding a parcel

What do Santa’s elves have on the end of their shoes?

17/30 A red nosed reindeer

Which reindeer has a red nose?

18/30 Mistletoe

What colour are mistletoe berries?

19/30 A sprig of holly

What colour are holly berries?

20/30 Santa peering around the corner

What is traditionally left out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

21/30 Scrooge holding a candle on a dark night

In Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, what is Scrooge’s first name?

22/30 A well-decorated tree

What is the name of the thin strips of shiny stuff used to decorate a Christmas tree?

23/30 Santa relaxing on a beach

Which soft drink company has used Santa in its festive adverts since 1931?

24/30 A scene from Home Alone 2

In Home Alone 2, Kevin bumps into which future President of the United States of America?

25/30 A massive bookshelf

What tiny character might you find on a shelf at Christmas time?

26/30 Sausages wrapped in bacon

For Christmas dinner, some people eat little sausages wrapped in bacon. What are they called?

27/30 A Christmas tree made out of cutlery

What food is supposed to be lucky during the 12 days of Christmas?

28/30 A scene from the film Elf
New Line Cinema

In the film Elf, which city does Buddy go to?

29/30 Santa driving his sleigh

Which of Santa’s reindeer is linked with Valentine's Day by name?

30/30 A Christmas tree being dragged out of a door

What is the date of Twelfth Night?

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