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The Ultimate Funny Christmas Quiz

How much of this funny Xmas trivia do you know?

Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
First Published:  December 29th 2020

The Ultimate Funny Christmas Quiz

1/10 Holly

What is holly for?

2/10 Horrible Mr Blobby

Krampus is an Alpine figure who punishes naughty children at Christmas. But what does he look like?

3/10 Christmas Pudding

What is it lucky to find in a Christmas Pudding?

4/10 Pooping log

In Catalan, children get presents from a log  - but how does the log give them to the children?

5/10 Horses pulling sleigh through snow

What holiday was the song 'Jingle Bells' actually written for?

6/10 Oliver Cromwell

True or false: at one point in England, celebrating Christmas was ILLEGAL?

7/10 Fried Chicken

In Japan, what is traditionally done on Christmas day?

8/10 Grinning snowman on white background

How tall was the tallest recorded snowman?

9/10 Reindeer on firtree background

What were Father Christmas's reindeer, Donner and Blitzen,  originally called?

10/10 Werewolf in the woods

Historically, in some parts of Europe, being born on Christmas day was supposed to make you a what?

Quiz Result

Brilliant! You're brimming with Christmas cheer and facts!

Quiz Result

Well done! You've got all sorts of funny Christmas facts up your sleeve!

Quiz Result

Hmm, you know a couple of things about Christmas, but you could do better! Try again!

Quiz Result

Oh no, looks like someone's a bit of a Grinch! Never mind, you can learn loads more Christmas facts and funnies just by doing the quiz again and improving your score!

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