These Celebs Love Playing Fortnite! Find Out Why Drake, Julian Brandt, Chance the Rapper, Finn Wolfhard and JT Brown are Fortnite MEGA Fans.

Fortnite's so good it's even got these awesome celebs hooked!

These guys are proper celebs!

But they still find time to play everyone's favourite game - Fortnite!

Here's our top 5 celebs who are Fortnite fans!

1. Drake

Drake's been seen playing Fortnite more than a few times.

And he's pretty good too!

He's even played gaming YouTuber Ninja! 

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2. Julian Brandt

The Leverkusen winger does Fortnite celebrations when he scores!

So have tons of other sports celebs!

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3. Chance the Rapper

Chance loves Fortnite and the Nintendo Switch!

In fact, he's even asked if Fornite could be added to his favourite console!

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4. Finn Wolfhard

This Stranger Things actor is always playing Fortnite on Twitch!

Him and his brother chat to fans as they play.

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5. JT Brown

JT Brown is an American ice hockey player for the Anaheim Ducks!

But he doesn't stop at that... he loves gaming too! 

And in particular - Fortnite!

He's even posted a picture of him and his baby playing!

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