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What Drink Am I? Personality Quiz

Feeling thirsty? Find out what drink matches your personality with this tea-riffic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

How sweet are you?


Pick a holiday destination:


Imagine you're really thirsty. You pour yourself a drink. How do you drink it?


What would be the WORST way to drink your favourite drink?


Which of these describes you best?


What do you do at the weekends?

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Pick a movie series:


Where do you come from?


Are you a healthy drink?


What happens when people shake you up?

You're a cup of tea!

You're a traditional, refreshing cup of tea. You're a national symbol, and old folk all over the world love to relax with you. Lots of people argue about the best way to make you - milk first then tea, or tea first then water - but everyone agrees you're one of the all time greatest hot drinks. But because you're piping hot you have to be drunk slowly, and aren't great for hot summer days.

You're tap water!

You're a no-frills glass of tap water! You're safe, reliable and thirst-quenching - but a little bit boring sometimes. Also, if you're in London you have a kind of funny aftertaste. Meh.

You're orange juice!

You're an ice cold glass of squeezed orange juice. You're tangy and refreshing and full of vitamins. You can still rot teeth though, and whatever you do - don't drink it after brushing your teeth because it's WEIRD.

You're fizzy cola!

You're a tall glass of cola! You have a mysterious flavour that's comes from a kind of South American nut. You maybe the most popular cold drink on Earth, and you are pretty delicious on a hot day. But - you're also quite acidic, and you can clean dirty pennies and rot huge holes in teeth. Urgh.