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Which Celeb Should You Trick or Treat With?

Answer these wicked quiz questions and we'll tell you who your celeb Halloween bestie is!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Which Celeb Should You Trick or Treat With?


1/10 Which halloween face paint do you prefer?


2/10 Choose one of these random things 


3/10 Pick a Disney villain 


4/10 Choose a spooky food 


5/10 Which character do you find the scariest?


6/10 Choose one of these movies


7/10 Pick a cute baby animal


8/10 Pick a Halloween accessory


9/10 Which gross food would you eat?


10/10 Pick a sport 

@dualipa | Instagram

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is your trick or treating buddy! She's super fun and can keep her cool face when you're trying to be scary! 

@annemarie | Instagram


You should go trick or treating with Anne-Marie! She likes to dress as a skeleton on Halloween. Why not dress as one too? She'll be loads of fun and she might even bring her buddy Ed Sheeran along!

louist91 | Instagram

Zayn and Louis from 1D

You should go trick or treating with Zayne and Louis from 1D. Try painting your face with something spooky and you'll fit right in to their cool gang!

@neymarjr | Instagram


Your trick or treating buddy is Neymar! He's previously dressed as the joker for Halloween which is pretty creepy! Do you reckon you could top his outfit?