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20 Window Jokes and Puns Which Are Clearly Hilarious!

Here's a batch of jokes which are clearly top of the... glass!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 18th 2022

It's amazing to think that windows exist. They're there, yet we can't see them. How do we know they're actually there, though? When they need a clean, we suppose. Anyway, to celebrate these unsung heroes of anyone's home, we've collected the best windows jokes and puns and put them on one page!

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What did the window say to the frame when it was messing about?

Stop being sill-y!

An annoyed window

I farted at work the other day and my boss opened the window...

It must have been bad – we were on a submarine!

Why was the computer cold?

Someone left Windows open!

Why shouldn't you tell a joke to a window?

They might crack up!

A cracked window

What is a window’s favourite type of donut?


My frosted window was broken...

It was unclear what exactly happened!

Frosted window

Why did the window go to see the doctor?

It was in pane!

Why are windows hopeless at being quiz masters?

They always reveal the answer!

What did the window say when it was arrested?

I've been framed!

A grumpy window

Why did the couple regret buying a gigantic window for their home?

It was a huge pane to clean!

What do you call two men standing next to your window?

Curt and Rod!

Man raising his hat in front of red curtains

How do you create light with a bucket of water and soap?

Clean your windows!

A bar of soap

I took a window fitting course last week...

Smashed it!

I posted a video of my windowless home...

No views!

How did the computer leave the house?

They left via the Windows!

A cat looking at a computer

Why did the grownup write their instructions on the window?

They wanted to be very clear!

Why did the person throw their clock out of the window?

They wanted to see time fly!

Which room has no doors or windows?

A mushroom!

Why are Apple shops so dark?

They don’t use Windows!

I wrote about the view from my bedroom window...

It's just one storey!

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