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2013 Music Quiz For Music Nerds Only

Was 2013 the best year ever for music? Err - maybe! Test your knowledge with this epic music quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 1st 2024

There were some amazing tunes released in 2013! But then… some great music came out in 2012 and 2014 too! So how much do you remember about the biggest gits of 2013? Take this nostalgic music quiz for a spin and see how much you really know!


Daft... what?

2/10 A lion yawning

Which Katy Perry song does this picture remind you of?


Justin Timberlake had a hit called... what? Picture is a clue!

@Taylor Swift | Youtube

Which Taylor Swift track was highest in the charts in 2013?


Who did Counting Stars?

6/10 99 Flake ice cream

Lana Del Ray sang a song called "Summertime..." what?


Who is this?

@Miley Cyrus | Youtube

Which of Miley Cyrus' tracks did best in 2013?

9/10 Someone waiting

How long was Rudimental waiting?

10/10 Some Roman stuff

Bastille wrote a song with the same name as something the Romans built. What was it?

Bah! Too bad! Daft Punk aren't pleased with this score... and we don't blame them! You'd better listen to a few more of their tracks and then have another go at this quiz! If this one has defeated you though don't worry - we have lots of other great music quizzes to try!

Pretty good! You know a lot about the music of 2013! You just let yourself down on a few answers. But never mind - have another go and see if you score a little higher next time round! Better luck next time!

@Miley Cyrus | Youtube

Wahoo! Very impressive! You almost managed to bag 100%! Miley is very pleased with this score - you know loads about 2013! You didn't quite get full marks, but almost! Do you think you can beat this score on a different music quiz? Let's find out!

@Miley Cyrus | Youtube

Wahoo! Amazing work! You nailed this quiz! The perfect result - Miley couldn't be happier! You really remember a lot about the music of 2013! Very impressive. You can't beat this score, but you might be able to match it on a different music quiz! What do you reckon?