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20 Nutty Alvin and the Chipmunks Jokes!

These Alvin and the Chipmunks jokes will have you scampering all over the place in delight!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 16th 2024

If you love the musical adventures of Alvin and pals, you'll love these totally nutty Alvin and the Chipmunks jokes! These jokes will give you something to chew on - you'll be chattering with laughter! Check out some of out other cartoony jokes, too - have a laugh with Po and friends from Kung Fu Panda, giggle with Garfield, and bark with laughter with Paw Patrol!

What do you call Alvin when he’s being lazy?

A ro-don't!

Why are Alvin and the chipmunks such good sailors?

Because they’re row-dents!

What do two chipmunks in love have?

A relationchip!

What did Alvin say when his tail got stuck in the door?

“It won’t be long now!”

What is Alvin’s favourite ballet?

The Nutcracker!

What’s Theodore’s favourite number?


Have you heard of the crazy new chipmunk-inspired diet?

It's just nuts!

What did Dave tell the chipmunks?

Acorn-y joke!

What do you call it when Dave measures the chipmunks?


What do you call a religious chipmunk?

A chipmonk!

Why did Alvin take a car apart?

To get to the nuts and bolts!

What is Simon’s favourite bird?

A nuthatch!

What do chipmunks like to listen to on the radio?

The Chipping Forecast!

How to Alvin and his friends like to drive their car?

Fast and Furry-ous!

Why is it useless to interrogate Alvin?

He's a tough nut to crack!

What does Simon wear on his feet?


What do you call a really cute chipmunk?


What’s a chipmunk’s favourite seasoning?


Why was Alvin late for work?

The traffic was NUTS!

What’s invisible and smells like nuts?

Chipmunk farts!