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Around Beanotown in 80 Days: The Finish Line!

Phil E.S. Dogg's visit to Beanotown is coming to an end. Can you guide get him to the beach before it closes?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 26th 2022

After a long summer holiday in Beanotown, Phil E.S. Dogg must say goodbye as he heads back home with a backpack full of souvenirs and a head full of fun memories. For his final day, he's chosen a visit to the beach with Gnasher so he can have a swim and enjoy the sunshine before packing his bags. Can you help guide him through Beanotown and make sure he arrives before the gates close?

1/10 Phil ES Dogg in a street

You're off to the beach. What's in your bag?

2/10 Phil ES Dogg with a skateboard

How do you plan on getting there?

3/10 Phil ES Dogg walking alongside a river

You decide to visit the river first just before you head to the beach. What will you do there?


On your way to the bus, Gnasher suggests a short cut. Is it worth it?

5/10 Phil and Gnasher in the cinema

The cinema is offering a 2-for-1 ticket deal. Surely you can watch a movie before heading to the beach?

6/10 Phil ES Dogg and Gnasher in the street

Gnasher reckons you don't need the bus if you go down this street. Do you follow?

7/10 Dennis biting into a Beanotown Burger

You spot tucking into a Beanotown Burger. Fancy a quick snack?

8/10 Phil E.S. Dogg and Gnasher rock climbing

The beach is in the distance. What do you decide to do next?

9/10 Phil ES Dogg and Gnasher hiding from a dinosaur

You're approaching the entrance to the beach. Have you got everything you need?

10/10 Phil ES Dogg looks at Beanotown's beach

You're at the beach. Are you ready for some fun!

Result: Closed

It's closed!

Whoops! You spent too much time checking out your favourite bits of Beanotown and forgot the time. The beach closed ages ago! Maybe you could come back soon and remember to get to there in plenty of time?

Result: Just In Time

Just made it!

Even though you know Beanotown like the back of your paw, you couldn't help but looking at all your favourite things one more time before you head home. You made to the beach in time for a swim and some relaxing on the beach!

Result: Plenty of Time

Loads of time!

You've been in Beanotown for ages so you've got a good idea about where you're going. No getting lost and racing against the clock like in week 1, is there? Go and enjoy yourself at the beach – you deserve it!

Result: First ones there

First ones there!

You've been in Beanotown now for so long, you know the streets and sights like the back of your paw. And because you know where you're going, you got to the beach just as it was opening and it's now time for some fun and relaxation!