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Arrow Jokes

Quiver with laughter at these Arrow Jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 5th 2022

The star of the new DC Comics TV Show, The Arrow, never misses his target… Unlike a lot of these dreadful arrow puns. You wouldn’t Bowleive how bad they are and how desperately we’ve strung them out. Hopefully some of them will hit the mark, though. Maybe one will even make you quiver with laughter and have you arrowling in the aisles!

How did The Arrow get to Lian Yu?

On a Bowt!

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Boat jokes thumbnail

The Arrow: Time flies like an arrow... 

Felicity: Fruit flies like a banana!

What did The Arrow get when he hit a bullseye?

An angry bull! 

Why are bridges like bows?

Because of all the archers holding them up!

The Arrow can be quite rude about other heroes…

He’s very arrow-minded!

The Arrow fired an arrow at John Diggle for a joke…

It went right over his head!

How did the The Arrow get to Starling City?

By arrowplane!

The Arrow can fly planes…

He understands arrowdynamic!

What do you call a man with an arrow in his back?

An ambulance!

Did you hear about The Arrow getting lost in a vegetable garden?

He followed the marrows to the exit!

Did you here The Arrows new pet?

She was a Bow Constrictor!

The Arrow’s compass is broken…

I’m not sure where I’m going with this!

The Arrow: The arrow key on my keyboard isn’t working!
Felicity: Do you need help now?

The Arrow: It isn’t pressing!

What did Achilles say when he got hit by The Arrow’s arrow?

Aw heel no!

The Arrow: I wanted to discover how high an arrow could fly so I shot one in the air…

Then it hit me!

Why was the The Arrow concerned?

His crossbow bolts got into a quarrel!

What do you call The Arrow when he gets angry?

A crossbow!

Did you here about when The Arrow shot an arrow into the air before he’d been to Lian Yu?

He missed!

What do you call a hairless bowman?


What did The Arrow say to the fletcher?

You make me quiver!