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20 Phoenix Jokes To Make You Rise From The Ashes

You're guaranteed to burst into laughter with these fant-ash-tically funny Phoenix jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 9th 2022

Looking for some flaming-hot feathered hilarity? These phoenix jokes are the perfect match! Not your cup of tea? Never mind - we have plenty more where this came from! Check out these unicorn jokes, these dragon jokes, and even these magic jokes!

And if those weren't enough, we've still got the amazing Joke Generator over on our main jokes page! Phew! That's a lot of jokes!

What's a phoenix's favorite snack?

Fire crackers!

What do you get when you touch a phoenix?

Bird-degree burns!

What do you call a flaming bird that can’t fly??

Joaquin Phoenix!

A guy dressed as a chicken on fire tried to break into my house.

If phoenix anything I'll be mad!

Order of the Phoenix is my favourite Harry Potter book.

Dead Sirius!

I thought my days of misquoting popular idioms were over.

But I’m like a phoenix, rising from molasses!

When should you buy a phoenix?

When its going cheep!

Why did the phoenix get in trouble at Hogwarts?

It was caught tweeting on its test!

Why was Dumbledore so excited to see the Joker?

He heard there was a Joking Phoenix in it!

Dumbledore's wand

It was so hot in Phoenix, Arizona, that the entire city burned to ground

Don’t worry, it rose again the next morning!

The Order of the Phoenix...

I'll have set meal A, please!

I just flew here from Phoenix, Arizona

Boy are my arms tired!

What's the best city to be cremated in?


Why do Phoenixes fly south for the winter?

It's too far to walk!

What’s a Phoenix’s favourite Pokemon trainer?


Why did the Phoenix cross the road?

To prove she wasn’t chicken!

What do Phoenixes smell like?

Burnt nose hair!

Big nose jokes page thumbnail
Big nose jokes page thumbnail

What kind of jacket would a Phoenix wear?

A blazer!

Did you hear about the Phoenix on the TV?

They had their 15 minutes of flame!

Did you hear about the Phoenix who lost their job?

Their career went up in smoke!

A happy flame