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Bob Marley Quiz!

Bob Marley is a legend - there is no question of that - but how well do you know him?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2024

There aren’t many musicians that changed the world in the same way that Bob Marley did! He sang songs for a generation of people and stood up against racism wherever he saw it. If you think you’re the Bob Marley expert then this is the place to start on your journey! Let’s give it a go!


Where is Bob Marley from?


What kind of music did he play?

Bob Marley | YouTube

Which of these IS a Bob Marley song?


What was Bob’s favourite sport?


Bob inspired one of Britain’s greatest poets - but which one?


Bob Marley was a brilliant songwriter - but what instrument did he usually play?


If you answered football for question 3 well done, but what was his on-pitch nickname?

8/10 A person thinking about spelling

What was the name of his band?


Which of these is NOT a Bob Marley Song?


When Bob died, what was he buried with?

Bob Marley | YouTube

Alright! So you haven't done that well on this quiz, but that’s okay Bob Marley’s music is pretty old now. As well as that, there's a lot of it - so some of your answers might have just slipped through the cracks! But why not go on a deep dive into his music and come back when you’ve checked out a few more of his songs?!

Bob Marley | YouTube

Nice! You’ve got a pretty solid knowledge of Bob and his musical career, as well as what he meant to the world and the legacy he left. Well done, his music means a lot to a lot of people so you should be pleased with this score - but if you’re the kind of person that just wants to get full marks, then why not have another try? But before you do, check out some of Bob’s old music and see what you think!

Bob Marley | YouTube

Awesome! You know almost everything that there is to know about Bob Marley and his legacy! He changed the world with his songwriting talent and maybe with a bit of luck you can too with your skill with a quiz? Who knows! But well done - you’ve proved that Bob Marley’s music lives on!

The Wailers | YouTube

There it is! Well done! You’ve got every single question on this quiz right! Wasn’t that easy! Well done! You’ve shown that despite Bob’s music being pretty old by now - it truly lives on for all of us to enjoy! Great work, there isn’t much you don’t know about Bob and it shows - congrats! What’s next? Why not check out some of our other music quizzes, maybe you can beat them too?!