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Bob The Builder Jokes

Bob the Builder - can he fix it? Err... probably! But luckily these hilarious construction jokes definitely can!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 25th 2022

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What do you call unemployed Bob the builder?


What's Bob the Builders' favourite country ?


Earth Quiz Thumbnail
Earth Quiz Thumbnail

Where would Scoop and Roley be without Bob the Builder?


A builder against a Minecraft-style background
A builder against a Minecraft-style background

Why is Bob the builder also good at tech support?

He knows how to install Windows!

Why does Bob deserve respect for building a tree house?

Because he went out on a limb!

Tree Jokes
Tree Jokes

Why did Bob quit his job fixing baths, sinks and showers?

It was too draining!

Why does Bob love attaching plates of steel together?

It's riveting!

What’s Bob the Builder’s favourite band?

The Carpenters!

Did you hear Bob did a great job connecting 2 pieces of wood?

He nailed it!

What does Bob call his work playlist?

His fixtape!

Bob used to be a drill operator…

But it was boring!

Why are shovels Bob the Builder’s favourite tool?

They’re groundbreaking!

Do you want to hear my Bob the Builder joke?

Never mind - I’m still working on it!

Why didn’t Bob accept a building job in Egypt?

He was worried it was a pyramid scheme!

Pyramids in Egypt

Why is Roley famous for his compliments?

He's such a flatterer!

Why did Bob the Builder hire a dog?

It was good at roofing!

Why did Bob the Builder have to give the brick wall directions? 

It needed repointing!

Bob the Builder loves to party...

He knows how to raise the roof!

Why did it take so long for Bob to propose?

He was building up to it!

What do you get if you cross a snake with a builder?

A boa constructor!