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Circus Jokes

Roll up, roll up, for the greatest jokes on earth! Check out these funny circus jokes - we're not clowning around!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 8th 2021

Have a look at our funny circus jokes, they're jester great excuse for a laugh! If you liked these, we've also got these hilarious Clown Jokes! We've also got more Elephant Jokes here, as well as these funny Tiger Jokes - they're grrrreat! And head to our jokes homepage for even more funnies!

What's the best way to attack a circus?

Go for the juggler!

I always wanted to be a clown, just like my dad

But I had some big shoes to fill!

Why did Joe join the circus?

He wanted to be the greatest Joe on Earth!

Why should you never date a clown?

They aren't ready for a serious relationship!

What happened to the human cannon ball?

He got fired!

I've got a new job being fired out of a cannon at the circus

My career is really taking off!

How did the bad tightrope walkers meet?

On the net!

Why did the elephant leave the circus?

It was tired of working for peanuts!

Why did Dracula join the circus?

He wanted to be an acro-bat!

Which circus performers can see in the dark?

The acro-bats!

What are clown costumes made out of?


What happened when the lion ate the clown?

It felt funny!

Why are circus performers always stressed?

Because their job is in tents!

I use to work as a trapeze artist...

But I was let go

My friend is a circus performer on stilts

I really look up to her

I make clown shoes for a living

It's no small feat!

A clown opened the door for me the other day

It was a lovely jester!

What's busy and made of vegetables

Piccalilli circus!

Did you hear about the clown?

He ran away from the circus to join a law firm!

Something suspicious is going on at the circus...

We just need to find the ring leader!

Did you hear about the dog who went to see the flea circus?

He stole the show!

Why did the human cannonball leave the circus?

He got fired!

Why did jokes

Why did the elephant quit the circus?

He was being paid peanuts!