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20 Cucumber Jokes That Will Pickle Your Funny Bone!

These cucumber jokes are super cool!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 10th 2021

These cucumber jokes are super cool!

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What's yellow on the outside and green on the inside?

A cucumber disguised as a banana!

Sure, mushrooms are fungis...

But they'll never be as cool as a cucumber!

Where do cucumbers go on dates?

The salad bar!

What's green and red all over?

A cucumber with sunburn!

What's long and blue?

A cucumber holding its breath!

What do chefs use to play snooker?


What did the pickle say to the cucumber?

Come on in the water's brine!

What do you call lots of cucumbers in a line?


What's cold, green and hangs from the roof?

An ice-pickle!

Why was the tomato round and red?

Because if it was long and green it would be a cucumber!

What are cucumbers so confident?

They're kind of a big dill!

What did the worm say when he got lost in the salad?

'I'm in a bit of a pickle!'

What's the most adorable vegetable?

A cute-cumber!

What woodwind instrument do cucumbers play?

A pickle-o!

Why are cucumbers so cool about everything?

They just dill with it!

How does a cucumber become a pickle?

It goes through a jarring experience!

What's crunchy, green and lives in an aquarium?

A trop-pickle fish!

Why did the cucumber blush?

It saw the salad dressing!

Why do cucumbers giggle?

Because they're picklish!

Why did the cucumber cross the road?

Because it was green!