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Daz Games Quiz: Can You Get 100 Percent?

Take this Daz Games Quiz to find out how much you know about the multi-talented YouTube star that is Daz Games!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 15th 2022

Whether it’s being hilarious whilst watching other peoples stuff, starring in his own movies or generally just being an awesome YouTuber, Daz Games is one of the stars of the internet. With his buddies, talent and know-how he’s risen to the dizzying heights of having his very own Beano Quiz. And here’s the first question: Can you get 100%?

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What is Daz Games’ real name?

@DazGames | YouTube

Which of these is NOT a Daz Games playlist?


In 2022, how many subscribers did Daz Games have?

@DazGames | YouTube

Who does Daz collab with in Stranded Deep?


5/10 What country is Daz Games from?


What star sign is Daz Games?

7/10 People eating popcorn and watching a movie

Which of these sports movies has Daz Games appeared in?


How old was Daz Games at the start of 2022?


In Daz Watches How To Sleep In Class, which embarrassing secret does Daz reveal about himself?

@DazGames | YouTube

In Baby Sitter Simulator Gone Wrong, Daz jokes that the babies smile matched his when he discovered what?

@DazGames | YouTube

Daz Games Noob! You’re a little bit new to Daz Games but here’s the thing… He makes so many videos you’ve got about 10 years worth of awesomeness to watch so it’s actually a good thing. Well done!!

@DazGames | YouTube

Great Work! You know Daz Games, that’s for sure! Why not have another go to see if you can join the Daz Games fandom!

@DazGames | Instagram

Welcome to the Fandom! You’re a Daz Games superfan and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Have another go to see if you can get the same score that Daz Games would get if he did our Daz Games quiz.

@DazGames | Instagram

You are Daz Games. Please stop doing this quiz and continue making videos!