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Draw So Cute: Trivia Quiz - Cuties Only!

Draw So Cute is one of the neatest tutorial channels, but how well do you know it!?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 23rd 2024

There aren’t many things that the Draw So Cute channel hasn’t drawn - in fact they’ve got so many videos it’s hard to pick a favourite. But we’re here to see how well you know the channel overall! Are you a drawing expert or do you still draw the faces of your characters in their chests!? Let’s find out once and for all!


Are Draw So Cute’s drawings always cute?


What kind of videos are Draw So Cute?


What are Draw So Cute fans called?


What type of pen or pencil do they usually use first?


Do they ever use colour in their videos?

DrawSoCute | YouTube

What is Draw So Cute’s name?


What is usually at the end of each video?


Draw So Cute makes optical illusions on their website - but what to they do?


As well as drawing tutorials, what other kinds of videos are there?


Where is Draw So Cute from?

Oh dear! It looks like you haven't really been paying attention when it comes to these amazing tutorials! But look that’s okay, there is still time for you to step up and become that artist sensation we’re sure you can be! So why not have another go at teh quiz and see if you can score higher?! Or, if you want to go further - why not head back to the Draw So Cute channel and get going in real time!

Okay! You’ve done alright here! You’ve scored pretty well, but there is still room for improvement - but there is always room to get better and improve your skill, so why not give this quiz another try and see if you can score higher?! But if you're not feeling that, you could always head over to the Draw So Cute channel and start on drawing along with their videos? Come back here when you’ve nailed it, how about that?!

Alright! You've scored really well on this quiz! It’s clear that you know almost everything that there is to know about Draw So Cute! You’ve been studying their videos and practicing with your pens to become the perfect artist. Or nearly the perfect artist! There are still a few questions you didn’t get quite spot on, but that’s fine! Nobody becomes an expert overnight - it takes a lifetime and we’re always learning, especially when it comes to art - so take a breath and have another try!

Blam! There it is! You’ve crushed it! They said nobody could get full marks on this quiz but you’ve shown that there's more to you than just a hand covered in pencil stains! You know how to draw and you know a lot about Draw So Cute, it’s the perfect combination! So now that you’ve smashed this quiz and gotten 100% on it, what’s next? It’s up to you, but maybe you like to do some drawing?!