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How Well Do You Know Draw With Rob?

Grab your pencils and markers and get ready to fill in the answers - it's time to see how well you know Draw With Rob!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 5th 2024

Do you love to draw? If so you probably got totally hooked on Draw With Rob during lockdown! It's a great way to relax and learn some new skills - and you've probably picked up enough to get a top score on this trivia quiz! Have a go - we believe in you! Stick around for some more arty fun - learn some facts about pop art and Banksy, or have a go at our Bob Ross quiz!


Where can you find Draw With Rob?


What does Rob do?


When did he start posting his draw-alongs?


What does Rob hold a Guinness World Record for?


What did Rob release?

How to draw your #DesignYourSuperBear by Rob Biddulph - John Lewis & Waitrose | John Lewis |

What's Rob's last name?


What did Rob draw in his World Record video?


What does he draw in his most popular video?


Where does Rob live?


True or false - Rob was already a professional author and illustrator when he started his channel?

Uh oh - looks like you need to get back to the drawing board! Don't worry, there's always time to have another go!

Not bad - you've definitely watched some Draw With Rob! We bet you can do better though - why not have another go and see?

Great job - you're a Draw With Rob fan! Well done! You can probably get a perfect score - why not try again and see?

Perfect - you're a natural at this, and probably one of Rob's biggest fans! Well done!