Save The World With Lols!

From the best protest signs to green memes, improving the planet can be a funny business!

People like Greta Thunberg are making grown-ups aware of the importance of climate change, but it doesn't need to be a serious business.

There's loads of ways to save the world - with lols.

Just check this lot out!

Image by @gretathunberg | Instagram

Keep it Fresh

How do you find Will Smith in the snow? Look for the fresh prints, of course! But a warming climate isn't good for Will Smith or Will Smith jokes, so it's important to keep the world cool. Unlike Carlton's dancing.

Image by The Fresh Prince of Bel Air | The Stuffed Dog Company | NBC

Say it with signs!

Write your feelings on a placard and tell people what you're thinking. Even very small signs count!

Image by Gareth Fuller | PA

Yoda's going greener

Star Wars Jedi master Yoda uses the Force to defeat the Empire - just like we can use the force (of recycling) to combat the climate crisis!

Image by Walt Disney Company | Gary Kurtz | George Lucas

Poster power!

Believe or not, some things are worse than homework. Yeah, right, who knew? But with climate change protest posters, you can really get your message heard!

Image by Christian Åslund | Greenpeace

Meme what you say

Sometimes it's easier to get your point across with pictures instead of words. If you can't say it - meme it!

Make it write

If the planet can't speak for itself, it needs you to help out - so whatever your message is, write it down big and say it loud!

Image by ABC News

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