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20 Recycling Jokes You Can't Refuse!

These recycling jokes will make you green with envy! Check out these funny recycling jokes and reuse them when you can!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 20th 2024

We promise we haven't recycled any of these jokes! In fact, they're so fresh, they're green! And if you've BIN looking for more funny puns, how about some bin jokes? Or how about some funny Saturday jokes? You may also enjoy these terrible toilet jokes! Still looking for more? Check out hundreds of funny gags on our main jokes hub!

I used to work in shoe recycling...

It was sole destroying!

I quit my job at the recycling plant because I was so bad at it

I can't believe I threw it all away

I really want to start a business that helps recycle chewing gum

But I'm having a hard time getting it off the ground

Which army officer hates recycling?

General Waste!

Why did the can crusher quit their job?

It was soda pressing!

When should you recycle your batteries?

When its free of charge!

I would tell you the joke about recycling...

But you've probably heard it before!

Why are recycling jokes the best?

They're not rubbish puns!

What was wrong with the bottle bank?

It was feeling shattered!

How did the can feel after it was recycled?


I love recycling...

It's bin-credible!

Why should you never listen to a recycling bin?

They're always trash talking!

What do you call it if you use a bike more than once?


What did the recycled bottle say to the recycled can?

'We were made for each other!'

Why does Kermit always recycle?

Because he's green!

How do you make sure you're recycling the right way?

You planet!

I wouldn't bother entering the recycling competition...

It's a waste of time!

Why should you never eat your rubbish?

So you aren't waste-ful!

Why are people who recycle so positive?

They have a can-do attitude!

I don't want to recycle!

I refuse!