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41 Punny Pigeon Jokes

These pigeon jokes are very punny! Check them out and don't get in a flap while you do!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 5th 2024

These pigeon jokes are so fly! Have a look at some punny pigeon jokes and see if they ruffle your feathers! And check out more animal jokes here! How about some funny flamingo jokes? Or perhaps you fancy some punny peacock jokes? Maybe some silly seal jokes? We've even got these lol worthy lizard jokes! And if that isn't enough, check out hundreds more jokes on our main jokes hub!

What's got a curly tail and flies?

A pig-eon!

How do you become a millionaire with a homing pigeon?

Sell it for £1 and it will come home a million times!

Why did the pigeon hang out with the owl?

He thought she was a hoot!

Why was the pigeon sent to prison?

He was a flight risk!

What's a pigeons favourite type of poem?

A high-coo!

How do you know pigeons are wealthy?

They're always putting deposits on fancy cars!

What's a pigeons favourite instrument?

A-coo-stick guitar!

Why don't they use homing parrots to send secret messages?

If they're captured, they might talk!

What's a pigeon's favourite social media site?


What do you get if you cross a homing pigeon and a woodpecker?

A postman who knocks!

What does a pigeon call a statue?

A toilet!

What do you get if you cross a parrot and a pigeon?

Voice mail!

Why did the pigeon cross the road?

It was the chicken's day off!

What do you call a pigeon who tells fortunes?

An omen pigeon!

Why do pigeons watch the news?

To get the feather forecast!

What do you call it when pigeons take over the government?

A coo!

Why did one pigeon fall out with another?

He ruffled some feathers!

What do you call a homing pigeon that doesn't come back to you?

A normal pigeon!

What do you call a flock of pigeons in uniform?

A military coup!

What do you call a man with a pigeon on his head?


What's the difference between a dove and a pigeon?

No one invites pigeons to weddings!

My friend is a carrier pigeon but wants to be a comedian

He's not very good - his delivery is rubbish

What did the pigeon say when she was cold?


I recently got a carrier pigeon

It's nothing to write home about

Just sold my homing pigeon...

For the 40th time!

Sadly my homing pigeon passed away...

I'm worried it will come back to haunt me!

Where do ghost pigeons deliver mail?

The ghost office!

What's got feathers and is made of pastry?

A pie-geon!

What soap do pigeons use?


I can't remember where I left my homing pigeon...

Oh well, it'll come back to me!

I've got a joke about a carrier pigeon...

But I can deliver it tomorrow!

My carrier pigeon can't fly

He's really pushing the envelope!

What does a cat call a carrier pigeon?

Fast food!

Why did the pigeon cross the road?

To prove he wasn't chicken!

My carrier pigeon is doing really great

She's really going places!

Where do baby pigeons sleep?

In a dove cot!

Why couldn't anyone see the pigeon?

It was in da skies!

Why should you invest in pigeons?

They're going cheep!

Which letter can fly?

The one carried by a pigeon!

Why are pigeons the coolest birds?

They're so fly!

What do you call a man with feathers who delivers messages?