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Sofia the First Jokes Fit For Royalty

Check out these funny Sofia the First jokes and see how many make you giggle! These royal jokes all about Sofia the first and friends are sure to have you lol-ing!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 10th 2022

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What does Sofia wear when she's drinking tea?

Her tea-ara!

Why did King Roland go to the dentist?

To get his teeth crowned!

When is Sofia strong enough to move a castle?

When she's playing chess!

Why is King Roland like a piece of wood?

They're both rulers!

Why didn't Princess Sofia go to the café?

They didn't serve royal-tea!

Why is Sofia so good at judging competitions?

Because she's the fairest of them all!

Why did Sofia ask Cedric to help finish the magic books?

Because he uses spell checker!

How do you know if Clover is upset?

He's hopping mad!

Why was King Roland so tired?

Too many sleepless knights!

What's Clover's favourite food?

Million-hares shortbread!

Why did Cedric go to the doctor?

He had a dizzy spell!

Why does Queen Miranda always have an umbrella?

She's prepared for the reign!

What does Sofia sleep on?

An heir mattress!

How does King Roland open the door?

With a monar-key!

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Why does Sofia do so well in school?

She knows all her subjects!

What do you call Sofia when she's up a ladder?

Your highness!

What did Cedric learn at school?


Why does King Roland have so many chairs?

They never got throne out!

What does Cedric put on his burgers?

Barbecue sorcerer!

Why did King Roland teach Sofia dancing?

Because he's her STEP father!