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11 Stray Kids Facts You'll Want To STAY For!

These fun facts will teach you everything you need to know about K-pop sensation Stray Kids! See if you learn something new!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 27th 2024

Calling all STAY! It's time for you to learn ALL about the Stray Kids crew! Do you have a bias already - or maybe you're totally new to the group? No matter what, you're bound to be entertained by these fantastic facts! And we've got more Stray Kids fun in store for you - try the trivia quiz, or find out which member you are!

1. There are eight members

JYP Entertainment |

Stray Kids roll deep with a crew of eight! The band consists of Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N. Who's your bias?

2. They came from a reality show!

Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment, CJ E&M, Studio Take One | Mnet

The group were formed in a 2017 reality TV show, also called Stray Kids. Nine idols had to compete to all stay in the band and debut as a team together. They succeeded, and the group launched in the same year!

3. There were nine members originally!

The ninth member, Kim Woo Jin, left the band two years after debuting for personal reasons, trimming the group down to eight members.

4. One of them used to be in BTS!

Well, not in it, exactly! Lee Min Ho, aka Lee Know, used to be a backup dancer for international superstars BTS!

5. Bang Chan is the leader!

JYP Entertainment |

Every great K-pop group has a captain, and Stray Kids is no exception! Bang Chan is the group leader and a triple threat as the band's dancer-vocalist-rapper combo!

6. Two are from Australia!

Leader Bang Chan was born in Seoul but raised in Sydney, Australia! He moved back to South Korea at the age of 13 to train under record label JYP. Felix was born in Sydney, and also grew up there. Both of them have Australian citizenship, and are fluent in English!

7. Bang Chan is double-jointed!

Bang Chan is seriously flexible! He has double-jointed arms, and demonstrated it on the reality show! This must come in useful for dancing, but maybe also in his old hobby, swimming! Bang Chan was a competitive swimmer in school, and at the age of eight he broke a record at his school's swim carnival!

8. I.N. has a lot of nicknames

I.N. is already a nickname for Yang Jeong-in, but he's got lots of other names too! He's also known as Desert Fox, Our Maknae, Spoon Worm Yang, Fiona, Baby Bread and Bean Worm. Phew!

9. Han's had an interesting life!

Han has several very interesting stories in his repertoire - and probably the most extraordinary is that he was once nearly eaten by a crocodile! Han lived in Malaysia for a while, and once when he was swimming in a jungle river he spotted the croc in the water. Luckily he was rescued by his dad's colleague - great news for K-pop fans everywhere! He also appeared on the Korean version of The Masked Singer, costumed as a legendary character from Korean history.

10. They love animals!

The Stray Kids crew keep animals near and dear, and dogs are their preferred pets! Bang Chan has a dog named Berry, Han has a dog named Bbama, and Hyunjin has a dog named Kkami! I.N. doesn't own a dog at the moment, but says he loves them and can't wait to adopt a dachshund! Lee Know is more of a cat guy, with three kitties named Dori, Soonie and Doongie. And, while *technically* not a pet, Changbin has a Munchlax plushie he can't sleep without. Aww!

11. They have an official light stick!


As you probably know, K-pop idols have their own light sticks, and Stray Kids have a special one! It's called the Nachimbong, and it's loaded with symbolism. "Nachimbong" is a play on the Korean words for "compass" and "rod". Compasses are featured a lot in Stray Kids' debut storyline, with a broken compass used to symbolise them becoming their own guides (check out the song "Mixtape#4"). It's also supposed to lead fans to the concerts!