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5 Apps Like FIFA

Want more football on the go? If you like FIFA, you'll love these games too.

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 19th 2017

1. New Star Soccer

This games lets you live the life of a football star! Train your player, play matches with your team, and complete mini-games and challenges.

.2. PES Club Manager

One of the age old rivals to FIFA, PES Club gives loads of interaction and control over your team. There's loads of recognisable football legends that you can train and trade and even your own stadium to manage. 

3. Score! Hero

This game is all about goals! Complete challenges with your team but you may have to chose between personal glory and being a team player

4. Final Kick

This game is 1 big penalty shootout. It's a fun mix of chaos and skill, pitting you against other players from around the world 

5. Soccer Stars

This arcade version of football puts you against other live players. If you’re better at puzzle games than FIFA, and still need a football fix, this game is perfect!