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Top 10 Home Alone Jokes & Puns for Kids

Have a good old fashioned laugh at these Home Alone jokes and puns for kids!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

Home Alone? We hope not! Last century, kid star Macauley Culkin starred in the epic Christmas movie Home Alone. Could you survive staying home alone? Home Alone’s not just the best film of last century, it’s the best film of this century, and just like the Beano website, it’s packed full of hilarious gags and jokes. When you’ve finished chuckling at these gags, why not not check out our Home Alone 2 quiz and if that doesn’t stump you see if you can complete our 50 question movie mega quiz. Then see if you agree with the Beano’s top 10 Christmas FIlms EVER! We’d love to hear what you think?

What vegetable stars in Home Alone?

Macauliflower Culkin!

How does Kevin know he’s home alone?

There was no buzz in the house!

Did you hear about the plot for Home Alone 4 when Kevin gets left in St Paul’s Cathedral?

It’s called Dome Alone!

What happened when Home Alone 3 didn’t happen?

Macauley Sulkin!

Why are the burglars in Home Alone like maggots?

They work in pairs!

The burglars from Home Alone are actually quite sensitive…

They takes things personally!

The Home Alone burglars robbed a bakery

They really took the cake!

What’s the difference between someone who doesn’t understand metaphors and the Home Alone burglar?

One takes things literally. The other takes things, literally!

My parents threw me a Home Alone party…

They went on holiday without me!

A burglar stole all of Kevin MacAllister’s lamps

He was delighted!