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Matt Jones: Which Video Should I Watch Quiz EXTREME EDITION!

Matt Jones is pretty extreme, but how extreme are you?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2024

Can you handle even the most jaw-dropping of Matt’s stunts, jumps and wild tricks? If you think you can handle them in real life, then you sure as heck better be able to handle them in video form! So check out this quiz and see which of Matt’s best videos you’ve got the most in common with! Let’s give it a whirl!


The chain has come off your bike, what do you do?


Which do you prefer?


The ramp you’re about to jump looks a bit slippery, what do you do?


Which is the most important thing about choosing a new bike?


Your school has banned bikes, how do you travel in?


Matt Jones is coming over for dinner, what would you make him?


You’ve got a flat tyre and you’re lost in the woods, what’s next?


What is your dream breakfast?


Where would you rather go on holiday?


What is your favourite colour for your MTB?

Matt Jones | YouTube

Backyard Trails!

Alright! It looks like you’re most suited to a life of engineering and a behind the scenes bike life! That’s not to say you won’t or can’t ride the gnarliest slopes and jumps, but you also know that it’s important to build them properly! A bad bike is a dangerous thing, and a bad jump is even worse! In this video, Matt goes over how he can make his jumps safe, so check it out, it’s the kind of thing you’d probably be into.

Matt Jones | YouTube

Abandoned Skatepark!

An abandoned skatepark?! What could go wrong?! Well, in this video nothing does, because they take safety seriously - but that doesn’t mean the don’t get to have a bit of a laugh in this secret skatepark! You’re the kind of person that doesn’t mind a little bit of risk, but you also know when it’s time to say ‘no thanks’ and turn around! Not everything is a competition after all!

Matt Jones | YouTube

Canyon Jump!

Pow! It’s a classic Matt Jones! Nice! Now we all know that Matt is down for some pretty risky stunts, but in this one he shows us just how far you can run a line on an MTB course - it’s pretty spectacular to be honest! So check out the video and see for yourself just how wild a canyon just Matt can handle!

Matt Jones | YouTube

Snow Day Fun!

Nice! Even Matt can’t spend his entire time hitting the ramps and shredding it like there’s no tomorrow! Everyone needs an occasional break! So when it comes to a snow day, Matt obviously uses his skills to have a wild ol’ time! You like to relax and have a bit of fun too, so why not check out this video and see how the pros do it!?