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Which Famous Library Should You Visit?

Should you go to Hogwarts or Beanotown library? Or what about Doctor Strange’s library or the one in Stranger Things? Take the quiz and we’ll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 28th 2022

While libraries are constructed from bricks, cement, and glass, these buildings are actually made of magic and are larger than they seem. Which other buildings can you name that can hold thousands and thousands of different worlds, languages and more characters than people who live in the closest city? That’s right, you can’t. It’s actually impossible! While it’s fun and important to visit your local library, which other libraries should you consider visiting? This simple quiz will tell you!

Once you’ve tackled this personality quiz, why not check out our side-splitting library jokes, guess the book from the quote quiz or take back your overdue library books in our Return To Lender game?

1/10 A man enjoying a good book

What kind of story do you enjoy reading?

2/10 A woman reading a book

What sort of character do you relate to the most?

3/10 A boy reading at night, timed by a stopwatch

How long do you spend reading each day?

4/10 A villain in the dark
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What’s a good name for a villain?

5/10 A woman reading about a magical castle

What kind setting do you prefer?

6/10 An astronaut and two monsters on a underground train

Are you scared of strange monsters in general?

7/10 A magician and a bat

How important is it to have characters with magical powers?

8/10 A man in some sort of haunted library

What sort of library appeals to you the most?

9/10 A woman reading in space, with a cow floating past

Where do you prefer to read your library books?

10/10 A woman carrying a stack of books

How many books do you borrow from the library at a time?

Harry Potter outside Hogwarts

You should visit: HOGWARTS LIBRARY!

You clearly love stories about wizards and magic spells, so Hogwarts Library is clearly the place for you! You remember how to get there, yeah? Don’t run into the wrong wall at King’s Cross station. We did that once. So embarrassing.

Harsha and Dennis in Beanotown Library

You should visit: BEANOTOWN LIBRARY!

Beanotown Library is amazing and has three floors absolutely stuffed with all kinds of books: every Beano, every Beano annual, every kid’s book ever, every joke book, every homework answer ever, every games cheat guide and every spooky story written by real ghosts! It’s even got a slide to help you get from the top floor. How blam is that?

Doctor Strange in Kamar-Taj Library

You should visit: KAMAR-TAJ LIBRARY!

If you were to visit the Kamar-Taj library, you’re quite likely to see Doctor Strange studying its vast amount of mystical and magical books. Don’t run around eating crisps in here, it’s a very serious place. Actually, don’t eat crisps in any library, come to think of it.

Stranger Things’ Dustin Henderson outside a big town library
Stranger Things | 21 Laps Entertainment | Netflix


Nothing really happens in Hawkins, Indiana. It’s a quiet town in a nice setting. The library is in the town square. And that’s about it, really. Definitely no monsters trying to wreck the local mall. Nope. Not here