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20 Beta Squad Jokes That Aren't For Sidemen

Have a laugh at London's favourite pranksters with this Chunkzy list of 20 hilarious Beta Squad jokes and puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 27th 2024

Step aside Sidemen, these Beta Squad jokes are all the Youtuber gags you need! Whether you like chuckling at Chunkz, snarking at Sharky or being tickled by Niko - you’ll definitely find something for the squad to laugh at with these ridiculous Beta Squad wisecracks!

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Now… back to the main event! These Beta Squad jokes!

What do you call Beta Squad’s older brothers?

Alpha squad!

Who checks to see if the Beta squad’s jokes are funny?

The Beta tester!

What does Niko call his girlfriend?

His beta half!

Which one of the beta squad is going into debt collection?

Loan Sharky!

Why are Chunkz and Niko better at making dinner than the Sidemen?

They’re just beta cooks!

I’m not seeing any of the squad’s videos on Youtube any more

Must be the beta-blockers!

How much RAM does Sharky’s computer have?

A killer-bite!

Did you hear about Chunkz’ new gold necklace?

It’s au-fully heavy!

What is the Beta Squad’s favourite type of food?

Anything with chunks in!

Did you hear Niko got hit by lightning?

What happened next might shock you!

The Beta Squad are really happy with life

They’re content creators!

Why are the beta squad so good at farming sheep?

Because they’re used to milking their followers!

Which evil spirit are the Beta Squad most scared of?


How do the Beta Squad get into swimming pools?

They just jump into it!

Niko lost at a Try Not To Laugh Challenge

He fought the LOL and the LOL won!

Beta Squad started a hotel, and then an Airbnb

Sounds like a big change, but was entirely inn keeping!

The Beta Squad just broke up because of an argument about video games

What a stupid thing to Fallout 4!

The Beta Squad did a video about their shoes yesterday

It was some pretty good footage!

Shoe Jokes Thumbnail
Shoe Jokes Thumbnail

Have you seen the Beta Squad’s new video about baking as fast as possible?

It’s called Knead for Speed!

The Beta Squad only make videos in 4k now

It’s their New Year’s resolution!