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20 Christmas Maths Jokes For Mince Pi Fans!

Do you like your maths jokes with extra tinsel? We have the formula for the funniest festive season ever! So check out this list of hilarious Christmas maths jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 13th 2023

Ever wondered what Christmas has to do with maths? We did too - until we made this epic list of Christmas jokes fit for a mathematician! We've got jokes about algebra, elves, yule logs and calculator functions. This list is for the nerdiest Christmas fans out there!

If you only like maths and not Christmas then check out these pi jokes, these geometry jokes, or even these fractions jokes! But if you're the opposite and you like Christmas and not maths - then we've got you covered too! Just look at these Christmas tree jokes, these snowman jokes, or these winter jokes!

But if you like both then keep on scrolling! Because this page is just for you!

Where do you find a mathematician in December?

Deriving home for Christmas!

Why isn’t every man in a red suit Father Christmas?

Because correlation doesn’t imply Claus-ality!

At Xmas, how do you do the inverse operation to exponentiation?

Yule log!

What do you call Santa’s little helpers?

Subordinate Clauses!

How does a math lover spread holiday cheer?

By singing “Alge-bra-la-la-la!”

What is Santa’s favourite shape?

A tree-angle!

Why didn’t sin and tan go to the Xmas party?

Just cos!

How does Santa solve math problems?

With North Pole-ar coordinates!

What’s a maths snowflake’s favourite theorem?

The one that’s ice-olated!

What type of Xmas tree do math teachers like?


What do algebraic geometers study at Christmas?


Why should you never say the number 288 out loud at Xmas?

It’s two gross!

Why does a mathematician enjoy Xmas?

Because of all the logs!

Why does Father Christmas equal minus Christmas Father?


What do mathematicians like to eat at Xmas?

Mince pi!

Mince pie

What’s a math teacher’s favourite winter activity?

Making snow-angles!

How does Santa work out problems?

With Elf-gebra!

What did zero say to eight at the Christmas party?

Nice belt!

What’s a mathematician's favourite Christmas tree?


What did the mathematician say after eating Christmas dinner?