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20 Miraculous Ladybug Jokes

If you’re on the hunt for Hawk Moth, Ladybug or Cat jokes, then look no further! We’ve got what you need, but don’t forget - saving the world is no laughing matter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 28th 2024

Keeping it together and holding onto that game face when you’re being told jokes and also facing immediate Akumatization takes some practice - so check out these Miraculous Ladybug jokes and see if you can keep in those giggles! But if you’re not feeling that, why not check out some of these chuckle-worthy ant jokes!

Other than black, what is Cat Noir’s favourite colour?


Why does Hawk Moth fly?

It beats walking

What doesn’t Miraculous Ladybug play hide and seek?

They always get spotted

Why does Cat Noir get their way?

They’re very purr-suasive!

What is Hawk Moth’s favourite type of glasses?


Why did Ladybug stop eating greasy food?

They didn’t want any more spots

What did Chat Noir say when they tripped over?


How does Ladybug always win?

Dunno, they just wing it!

Why can’t Gabriel Agreste hide?

Because good fashion always stands out!

What was wrong with Kagami’s apple?

It was too sharp!

How does Sancouer keep the Peacock Miraculous clean?

With a feather duster!

What is Ladybug’s favourite sport?


A wicket hitting the stumps

Why doesn’t Kagami have a circular sword?

There’s no point!

How does Cat Noir hide their identity?

They stay off the mews

Hawk Moth’s newest helpers look like chips with wings.

They’re called French Flies!

What was Gabriel Agreste’s dangerous jacket called?

A blazer!

What do you need if you jump off the Eiffel tower?

A Paris-chute

What do you call a moth that likes darkness?

A Goth

What offer can you find in Paris’ supermarkets?

Buy one, Baguette one free

What is Miraculous Ladybug’s favourite car?

A Beetle