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20 Wreck It Ralph Jokes!

Check out these Wreck It Ralph Jokes before he breaks the internet!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 20th 2022

We love Disney’s hilarious Wreck-It-Ralph movies! They’re chockablock full of ancient computer games references and these jokes are nearly as old! See if you can read all these Wreck-It-Ralph jokes before he breaks the internet again!

Why is Wreck-It-Ralph banned from Supermarkets?

He’s always breaking into Netto!

Did you hear about Wreck-It-Ralph punching the floor?

It was ground breaking!

What did Ralph’s teacher say when she saw his sloppy homework?


Wreck-It-Ralph used to be a journalist…

But he kept breaking the news!

What are Ralph’s favourite flowers?

Oopsie daisies!

Did you hear about wreck-It-Ralph bunji jumping?

He was in suspended animation!

I think Vanellope really likes Ralph…

It’s a candy crush!

What happened when Wreck-It-Ralph took a penalty?

He broke the net!

A football in the back of a goal net

What is King Candy’s favourite nursery rhyme?

Skittle Bo Peep!

Apparently, Wreck-It-Ralph is based on Donkey Kong.


Did you hear about the joystick leaving Wreck-It-Ralph’s arcade?

Yeah, it up and downright left!

Why is the name Vanellope von Schweetz like a postbox?

So many letters!

Why is the Wreck-It-Ralph movie like Donald Duck eating lemons?

They both have a sour bill!

Donald Duck Jokes

When the King Candy gave his candy subjects sweets to eat…

Did this make them Candybals?

Did you hear about the Ralph vs Rio animated film that’s coming out?

It’s called Peck-It-Ralph!

What did Wreck-It-Ralph say when he was charged for Disney+ by mistake?

It’s Sour Bill!?

Me: Disney+ isn’t working!
Grown-Up: Is it Frozen?

Me: No, it’s Wreck-It-Ralph! 

What did Vanellope say to Ralph when she saw he had a full glass of Ribena?

Neck it Ralph!

How does Sonic get hold of Wreck-It-Ralph?

He gives him a ring!

Your football teams so bad, when Wreck-It-Ralph saw them play he said…. 

“Already broken.”

A diving goalkeeper