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20 Funny How Did... Jokes That'll Make You LOL!

These How Did jokes will have you howling! Enjoy these funny How Did jokes and share them with your mates!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 12th 2022

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How did the penguin get to school?

In a snowmobile!

How did the Italian chef die?

He pasta-way!

How did the chocolate record player sound?

Pretty sweet!

How did the ninja get around?

He wore sneakers!

How did the sandwich vicar address the congregation?

'Lettuce pray'

How did the barber cut the moon's hair?

Eclipse it!

How did the ocean say hello to the beach?

It waved!

How did the detective find Will Smith?

He followed the fresh prints!

How did the Eiffel Tower relate to the flea?

They were both Paris-sites!

How did the chemistry joke go down?

It didn't get a reaction!

How did the fish make the octopus laugh?

She gave him ten-tickles!

How did the Italian restaurant know someone was stealing their recipes?

The chef was an impasta!

How did it get so hot in the football stadium?

All the fans left!

How did the rabbit know that the lion wasn't dangerous?

It was a dandelion!

How did the giant speak to Jack?

He used big words!

How did the man know it was time to get rid of his vacuum cleaner?

It was just sitting there, collecting dust!

How did the penguin build his house?

Iglooed it together!

How did the boy make the tissue dance?

He put a little bogie in it!

How did Mike get squirrels to like him?

He acted like a nut!

How did the bee brush its hair?

With a honeycomb!

How did the Japanese sauce say hello to the bee?


How did the Vikings send secret messages?

Norse code!