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We’re All Ears For These Dumbo Jokes!

Check out these earlarious Dumbo jokes?

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 15th 2022

Tusk Tusk! What do you mean you preferred the classic Disney Dumbo to the new live action film? It’s all ear elephant (irrelevant) to me! Anyway, we’ve got a trunk full of Dumbo jokes that are dustier than an elephant having a dustbath. If you like the cutest baby elephant ever, then you’ll love these earlarious Dumbo jokes!

Disney asked Dumbo if he could make a movie of his life…

Dumbo: "I'm all ears"

Nobody talks about Dumbo anymore...

He's irrelephant!

I got fired from the circus for talking to Dumbo…

You’re not allowed to address the elephant in the room!

Stop asking who Dumbo is…

The answer is ear elephant!

What sport will an elephant always beat you at?


What does Dumbo do when he’s bored?

Watch elevision!

What goes down but never goes up?

An elephant in a lift!

Did you hear about the Dumbo/Finding Nemo film mashup?

It’s called Swimming Trunks!

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Why is Dumbo a terrible dancer?

He has two left feet!

What do you call an elephant that giggles?

An elaughant!

Why was Dumbo’s mum so poor!

She worked for peanuts!

How can you tell if Dumbo has raided your fridge?

Footprints in the butter!

How can you tell if Dumbo is under your bed?

You can usually see him there tbh!

What’s big, grey and covered in red spots?

Dumbo with chicken pox!

Why was Dumbo angry with his airline?

His trunk wouldn’t fit in the overhead locker!

How do elephants keep cool in the summer?

Ear conditioning!

How does Dumbo chat to his friends?

On the ele-phone!

What’s the best way to raise a baby elephant like Dumbo?

A fork lift!

Why was Dumbo afraid to go to the computer shop?

Because they sold mice!

What did the Dumbo’s mum say when he misbehaved?

Tusk Tusk!