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HannahxxRose Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Find out if you're HannahxxRose's number one fan with this ultimate quiz! We've put together some questions to answer once and for all the question; how much do you know about HannahxxRose?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 17th 2022

Just how much do you know about awesome Youtuber, streamer and Minecraft player HannahxxRose? It's time to find out with this ultimate quiz! And if you liked this, checkout more YouTuber quizzes here! How about this Guess the YouTuber Quiz? Or maybe you want to try this Ultimate Emily Dosbon Quiz? You can even find out your YouTube Name!

1/10 HannahxxRose
HannahxxRose | Twitch

True or false: she's part of the Dream Team?

2/10 HannahxxRose
HannahxxRose | YouTube

When is her birthday?

3/10 HannahxxRose avatar on red and yellow background
HannahxxRose | Minecraft

What game is she best known for playing?

4/10 HannahxxRose
HannahxxRose | Twitch

What's her younger sister called?

5/10 Flowers with question mark

What flower does her avatar have in its hair?

6/10 Map of USA and splat

Where is she from?

7/10 Sleepy dog and panda

What game does she play most on TikTok?

8/10 HannahxxRose
HannahxxRose | YouTube | Minecraft

When did she start on YouTube?

9/10 Vet with dog and splat

True or false: she wants to be a vet?

10/10 Beano star sign animals on space background

What's her starsign?

Oh no result

Uh oh, looks like you're clueless when it comes to HannahxxRose! Never mind, have another go and see if you've learned any cool facts!

Try again result

You know a bit about Hannah, but not enough to ace this quiz! Try again and see if you can do better!

Well done result
HannahxxRose | Minecraft

Nice job! You must be a big HannahxxRose fan, because you did really well! But can you get full marks next time?

Highest result
HannahxxRose | Minecraft

Incredible! Either you're Hannah's biggest fan, or you ARE Hannah because no on knows more about her than you! Congrats!