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20 Tiny Chef Jokes That Will Tickle Your Taste Buds!

The Chef may be tiny, but the laughs sure aren't! Join Tiny Chef, Olly, Ruby and all their friends in the stump for some culinary hilarity!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 9th 2024

These Tiny Chef jokes are a weshipee for hilarity! We're here to whip up laughter, sauté some sniggers and chop some chuckles with Tiny Chef and his best friends. Read on - gourmet giggles guaranteed!

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What did Tiny Chef say to the water as he boiled it for pasta?

"You'll be mist!"

What is Tiny Chef’s favourite day?


Why did Tiny Chef put a coat on?

He was feeling chilli!

What is Tiny Chef’s favourite song?

“Spice Spice Baby”!

How would Tiny Chef cook an alligator?

In a croc pot!

Why is Bonzo so energetic?

He's always full of beans!

Why wasn’t Robin too impressed by Tiny Chef’s new cheese recipe?

She’s seen grater!

How much does Olly eat in one go?

A megabite!

What is Tiny Chef’s favourite Disney film?

Peter PAN!

What does Olly say when Tiny Chef is being slow?

"Chop, chop!"

How many friends does Tiny Chef need to make a pie?


What does Olly drink water from?

A robottle!

What did Tiny Chef say to the Stump Band?

“Lettuce turnip the beet!”

Why did Tiny Chef have to stop cooking?

He ran out of thyme!

What is Olly’s favourite food?


Why doesn’t Tiny Chef like to cook meat?

Because the steaks are too high!

What is Ruby’s worst enemy?

A dogerpillar!

What does Tiny Chef say when it’s time to make salad?

"Lettuce begin!"

Why did Tiny Chef make omelettes?

He wanted an egg-cellent dinner!

What do you call it when Tiny Chef tries a new recipe for the first time?