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20 Quacking Donald Duck Jokes!

These hilarious Donald Duck jokes will leave you feeling Disney from laughter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 9th 2022

It’s a scientific fact that Donald is the oldest duck in the world. He’s rocked the sailor look for decades and has amassed legions of fans across the globe, even though he’s a bit of grump!

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Who is Donald Duck’s favourite musician?


A duck surrounded by laughing emojis

What is Donald Duck’s favourite dip?


An exploding avocado

Why did Mickey Mouse get hit with a snowball?

Because Donald ducked!

A mouse and a duck in the snow

Why did Donald Duck fly south for winter?

It was too far to walk!

A duck on a sandy beach

Who stole Donald Duck’s soap?

The robber ducky!

Why does Donald Duck quack? 

Because he can’t moo!

Why did Donald Duck have to replace his TV screen?

It was quacked!

A duck next to a broken TV screen

What does Donald Duck like to eat for a snack?

Cream quackers!

What type of firework does Donald Duck enjoy the most?

A fire-quacker!

A duck watching a fireworks display

Why do people like dining out with Donald Duck?

He always takes care of the bill!

What time does Donald Duck wake up in the morning? 

The quack of dawn!

An alarm clock

What do you call Donald Duck standing in front of an orchestra? 

A con-duck-tor!

A duck standing next to a stage

Why was Donald Duck jumpy during Christmas dinner?

He didn’t like the sound of the quackers!

A loud exploding Christmas cracker

Why would Donald Duck make a good detective?

He’d always quack the case!

A duck standing next to a wall

What do you get if you cross Donald with a big whale? 

Moby Duck!

What sort of TV show does Donald Duck love the most?


Duck and mouse

Why did Donald Duck call the doctor? 

He was feeling under the feather!

Why doesn’t Donald Duck like having responsibilities?

He tends to quack under pressure!

What did Donald Duck do when he read these jokes?

He quacked up!

A duck in a sailor’s costume

What is the difference between Donald Duck and Donald Trump?

One's a cartoon character with a hot temper and the other is a duck!