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15 Sparkling Tooth Fairy Jokes to Make You Smile!

Are you ready for some magical teeth-based gags?

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 26th 2022

While it’s always a bit of a pain to lose a baby tooth, the upside of it is a visit from the tooth fairy while you sleep! We’ve looked under the pillows of humour and hilarity to bring you the best tooth fairy jokes ever! Don’t worry, we left a thank you note instead of a coin.

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Why did the Tooth Fairy win the dancing competition?

They were great at flossing!

What did the Tooth Fairy receive for all their hard work?

A plaque!

What’s a Tooth Fairy’s favourite sweet?

Gummy Bears!

How did the tooth fairy repair their snapped wand? 

With a dab of toothpaste! 

A puppy with a magic wand

Where does the Tooth Fairy buy their clothes?

The Gap!

What is the Tooth Fairy’s favourite time of day?

Tooth hurty!

What do you a call the room where the Tooth Fairy keeps their stuff?

Flossed property!

What did the tooth fairy say to the doughnut seller?

What kind of fillings do you have?

Doughnut joke thumbnail
Doughnut joke thumbnail

Why is the tooth fairy like stars?

They both come out at night!

How does the Tooth Fairy get to work?

On the tooth ferry!

What do tooth fairies have on their phones?


Why is the tooth fairy so good at quizzes?

They have wisdom teeth!

What is a Tooth Fairy’s favourite animal?

A molar bear!

Polar Bear Facts
Polar Bear Facts

What is a Tooth Fairy’s favourite day of the week?


Brushing teeth

Where do most of a ice hockey player’s wages come from?

The Tooth Fairy!

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