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21 Interest-ing Bank Jokes!

Need a good investment in laughs? You can count on this financially stable, perfectly balanced bank-based banter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 13th 2024

Think banking is boring? Think again! These bank-themed jokes will have you rolling with laughter - in fact, you might want to grab one of these little pens that's chained to the desk and jot down your faves! We think you're in for a balanced experience!

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What did the rapper say to the banker?

“Can I postpone Malone?”

Why are horses such great bankers?

They always get stable returns!

What do you call it when a piece of fruit robs a bank?

A strobbery!

“If you want to make this purchase, we will need your bank details.”

“Of course! It’s a big building with lots of money inside!”

Why doesn’t Dracula trust banks?

He hates stakeholders!

My bank must really like me…

They keep telling me my loan is outstanding!

What did the tree do when its bank closed?

Started its own branch!

Why did the man take raisins to the bank?

He wanted to set up a current account!

What do you call a fish who works in a bank?

A loan shark!

What did the nut say when it robbed the bank?

“Give me all the cashew have!”

Why shouldn’t you open up a bank account at the North Pole?

All your assets will get frozen!

Why are Irish bankers so successful?

Because their capital’s always Dublin!

Where do otters keep their money?

In the river bank!

Why couldn’t the skeleton rob the bank?

 He didn’t have the guts!

Don’t worry if you find banking boring…

You're not a loan!

What do you call it when a ghost robs a bank?

A polterheist!

Why are bank tellers great at gymnastics?

They're good at staying balanced!

Why did the banker quit his job?

He lost interest!

What did the American footballer say when he went to the bank?

“I want my quarterback!”

Why did was the bank teller fired?

An old lady asked him to check her balance, and he tipped her over!

Why are bank tellers not allowed to ride bicycles?

They tend to lose their balance!

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