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20 Christmas Tree Puns That Are Tree-Mendous

Get ready for some punny Christmas tree jokes! They're evergreen! So check them out and light up someone's day!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 7th 2023

These Christmas tree puns are fir everyone, and they'll really spruce up your joke repertoire! And if you liked these, how about more Christmas jokes right here! How about some silly snowman puns? Or maybe you're up for some reindeer jokes? We've even got this ultimate selection box of 75 Christmas puns! And you can find even more lols on our main jokes hub!

Why do Christmas trees always look jealous?

They're evergreen!

What do scientists decorate at Christmas?

A chemis-tree!

Why is the psychic Christmas tree so special?

It can feel your presents!

I'm so excited about the Christmas tree this year!

I'm on pines and needles!

Why did the Christmas tree decide to become an Easter tree?

It wanted to branch out!

What did the tinsel say to the Christmas tree?

'Don't get all sappy on me!'

What does a Christmas tree do for special occasions?

Spruce up!

What happened when two Christmas trees broke up?

They pined for each other!

What happens if you cross a dog and a Christmas tree?

You get a fur tree!

Why are Christmas tree puns so great?

They're just tree-mendous!

What sort of Christmas tree wears a kilt?

A Scots pine!

What did the Christmas tree say to the fairy light?

Watts up?!

What do Christmas trees say when they're having a race?

On your marks, get set, GLOW!

Why are Christmas trees so popular at parties?

They light up the room!

What do you call a dinosaur covered in Christmas lights?

A Tree-Rex!

Why was the Christmas tree annoyed?

It stubbed its mistle-toe!

What did the DJ say to the Christmas tree?

Let the needle drop!

I like to display my crystal collection by the Christmas tree

I'm rockin' around the Christmas tree!

Why was the Christmas tree sick?

It had tinselitis!

Why are Christmas trees triangle-shaped?

Because they're geome-trees!