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20 Grandpa Jokes For You To Shake a Walking Stick At

These jokes just get funnier and funnier the older they get! Find out what's better than a dad joke with these giggle-worthy grandpa jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 17th 2023

Dad jokes get a lot of attention, but where do you think dads get their terrible sense of humour from? That's right - their own dads! So grandpa jokes are surely twice as funny, right? There's only one way to find out for sure... by having a scroll through these hilarious grandpa jokes! If you'd like to catch up on dad jokes, we've got a whole load of them here.

But we've got jokes about much more than just older men! We've got these mirthful morning jokes, these hilarious history jokes, these chortle-worthy chicken jokes! What a mix!

Ok, let's get back to the main event: the grand-daddy of all jokes list!

My grandpa taught me the value of top quality speakers

It was sound advice!

I just got a call from my Australian grandpa!

A boomer rang!

My grandpa’s last wish was that we turn his ashes into a diamond

That’s a lot of pressure!

Which one of your relatives chimes in every hour?

A grandfather clock.!

My grandpa hates looking in the mirror

Humble man, terrible driver!

What happened to grandpa’s origami business?

It folded!

I asked my dad what it's like having the best son in the world

He replied "I don't know, you'll have to ask Grandpa!"

My grandpa always said “when one door closes, another opens.”

He was a good man, but a lousy cabinet maker!

My grandpa told me when he was small the alphabet only had 25 letters

Nobody knew Y!

My grandfather was a baker in the army

He went in all buns glazing!

What do stars and grandpa’s fake teeth have in common?

They only come out at night!

Why does grandma call grandpa spiderman?

Because he finds it hard to get out of the bath!

Spider with googly eyes
Spider with googly eyes

What does grandpa do when you tell him to change his hearing aid?

He doesn't listen!

Why did grandpa tell the ghosts about his shirt size?

Because he was a medium!

What's grandpa's bedtime?

1 hour after falling asleep on his rocking chair!

I tried to get my grandpa to go to yoga class yesterday…

It was a bit of a stretch!

A grandad thinking

How did grandma get grandpa to stop biting his nails?

She hid his teeth!

Grandpa just walked in with a young guy eating avocado toast.

It's his hip replacement!

Shoutout to my Grandpa!

Cause that's the only way he’ll hear!

My grandpa’s last words were “Pints! Gallons! Litres!”

That spoke volumes!