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Britain's Funniest Class - What To Write About

The Secret Stand-Up is here with top tips on writing the funniest jokes!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  May 31st 2022

Shhhh, me again! The Secret Stand-Up is back with more tips and tricks on how to write the best jokes possible! That’s what Britain’s Funniest Class is all about this year. We want to make every teacher smile and give them a good laugh, so we need your help! It's not always easy to think of topics, but don't panic! I've compiled a list of all the best topics to create laughs around, as well as some examples to help you on your way! Good luck!

1. Food

Everyone loves it! Everyone has to eat it! So why not make some great jokes about it! From fruit to fish, sweets to meats and everything in between, food is what we experts call a 'universal experience' that is sure to tickle the funny bone as well as the tastbuds!

Q: Why did the carrot get an award?

A: For being outstanding in his field!

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2. Animals

Animals are like the food of the animal kingdom; they're everywhere everyone's seen one and sometimes they smell funny. The animal kingdom is a great place to find joke-spiration; from the sea to the trees there's thousands of animals to lol about!

Q: What do you call a parrot wearing a nylon tracksuit?

A: Polly-ester!

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3. Dad jokes

If you don't love dad jokes, you love groaning at them! Yes they can be cheesy, but sometimes cheesy is best!

Q: Why is being a camel so hard?

A: Because everyday is hump day!

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4. School jokes

Love it or hate it, school is a treasure trove of lols. Everything from school dinners to teachers is fair game, so get your thinking cap on and figure out some school jokes!

Q: What do butterflies study at school?

A: Mothmatics!

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5. Sports jokes

Score major lol points with sports jokes! You could write easy ones about football, or tricky ones about snooker! It's all sports!

Q: What time do tennis players go to bed?

A: Tennish!

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6. Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock. Who's there? It's me with an awesome joke format! This one's an oldie but a goodie - there are so many possible answers to a good knock knock joke!

Knock Knock

Who's there


Cowsgo who?

No, cows go moo!

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7. Crossing the road jokes

Why did the Beano fan cross the road? To get to some incredible jokes! This is another classic format, and you don't just have to choose chickens - anything can cross the road, let your imagination go wild!

Q: Why did the crisp cross the road?

A: Because it was a walker!

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8. Weird jokes

You can joke about anything in the universe, and the good thing about jokes is that they don't always need to make sense to be funny! So no matter how sensible and normal your audience is, try some weird ideas and see what works!

Q: Why do fish live in saltwater?

A: Because pepper makes them sneeze!

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9. Gross Jokes

Let's face it, everyone loves a good gross joke from time to time! From farts and where they come from to what you find up your nose, gross jokes are sure to get people giggling - or grimacing!

Q: What did one toilet say to another?

A: You're looking a little flushed!

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10. Puns

Everyone loves a good pun, that's just a pundamental fact! Word play is not only funny, it's clever, so you'll look like a real brain box if you pull out some puns! Play around with words and ideas and see what you come up with!

Q: What do you get if you cross a sheep and a kangaroo?

A: A woolly jumper!

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11. Doctor Doctor jokes

Doctor doctor jokes are another classic set up that never gets old! Have a blast thinking up weird imaginary ailments and see if you can make your friends giggle!

Q: Doctor doctor, there's a patient here who says he's invisible

A: Tell him I'm afraid I can't see him now

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12. Gaming jokes

Maybe you love gaming, or maybe your friends do, but either way, it's a sure fire chuckle mine! Try out some gaming jokes on your friends and they'll not only laugh, they'll be impressed by your gaming knowledge!

Q: What type of dinosaur plays Fortnite?

A: A flossoraptor!

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13. TV jokes

Jokes about your favourite TV shows are bound to be a success! If there's a show, there's a joke for it, so start thinking about your favourite show and try and come up with the funnies!

Q: What does Dr Who eat with pizza?

A: Dalek bread!

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14. Film jokes

There's whole film franchises out there just waiting to be joked about! Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney - you name it, there will be jokes about it!

Q: Why couldn't Cinderella play for Man United?

A: She was always running away from the ball!

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15. Random jokes

Yup, that's right - you can make a joke about just about anything you can think of! Toilets, flowers, beds, the moon, ducks, cauliflowers; the list goes on and on! So if you're stuck for inspiration, why not choose a random object and try and write about it? You never know what you might come up with!

Q: How does the man in the moon cut his hair?

A: Eclipse it!

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