The Real Reason adidas Things Have Stripes

What's the deal with all the stripes on adidas stuff? We've come up with a couple of theories about it...

Wolverine does the quality control checks in the adidas factory

Wolverine quality testing some adidas trousers

They're actually power bars

Turns out their trainers have a long battery life though - so no one notices them go down!

the battery running low on adidas trainers

It's so they can be used as running tracks for tiny people

And horses...tiny horses

tiny people and tiny horses running on adidas stripes

They're a barcode holding secret plans to adidas' ultimate weapon - THE DEATH SHOE

An armoured space shoe with enough power to destory an entire planet

adidas clothes being scanned to reveal plans for the death shoe

It's so the eagle can't escape!!

You don't want to know what happens when the eagle escapes!

Eagle trapped behind the adidas stripes

But those are just our best guesses

Who knows the real reason why adidas stuff has stripes...

zebras with clothes shapes missing from their coat

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