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Why is there a Beano Comic in the Doctor Who Teaser?

A teaser trailer for Doctor Who series 11 dropped showing all the new companions - but most importantly it has a Beano in it!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Did you spot it?

Look Mum - we're famous!


But hang on! That's The Beano Summer Special from 1981!! That's like a million years ago! You'd think a Time-lord would realise it's 2018?!

Doctor Who confused

The true Whovians among you may already know what's going on, but turns out this wasn't by accident. In the episode The Rings of Akhaten, back when the Doctor looked like Matt Smith, he went back in time to 1981 to spy on his friend Clara's parents (for reasons). Of course, while he was there he couldn't resist picking up a Beano!

Doctor Who reading the Beano Summer Special 1981

Obviously, he kept a hold of it all the time he looked like Peter Capadli - for some cheeky TARDIS in-flight reading no doubt!

Peter Capaldi saying he started laughing and hasn't stopped since

And now she's coming back with the face of Jodie Whittaker, who's passing it on to Bradley Walsh from the Chase! Much better than some boring old newspaper (more like news-POOPER). She's the best!

Doctor Who is coming back on telly in October and it's going to be BRILLIANT!

Doctor Who saying Brilliant